Celebration of Nature

Children's bright and whimsical original art by Dr. Carole Ann Rollins celebrating nature -- plants, animals and people are on Posters, Greeting Cards, Backpacks, T-Shirts, Bags, Stickers, Notebooks..

Nature Themed Designs for Children

We are so happy to be able to share our nature-themed designs with you and your family and friends. Dr. Carole Ann Rollins is the artist who created these designs to inspire children to go outside and touch and feel the earth, to feel the magic of Mother Nature, to be inspired by the wonder right outside in your own yard or urban area where you live. We can all feel the wonder and magic of nature everyday and be motivated to take care of our planet earth.

  • "Children" Backpack

    The "Children" Design is available on a backpack, drawstring bag, and T-Shirt as well as prints of various sizes a greeting card, stickers and notebooks.

    "Children" Design 
  • "Jungle" Sticker Sheet

    The "Jungle" Design of wild animals and tropical plants is available as sticker sheets, prints of various sizes, greeting cards and on T-Shirts.

    "Jungle" Design 
  • "Picnic" Greeting Card

    The "Picnic" design is available as a greetcard with envelope, print (various sizes), on a T-Shirt, Backpack, Drawstring Bag, on Sticker Sheets, and Notebooks.

    "Picnic" Design 
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"Sense Machine" Design

"Sense Machine" Design

The "Sense Machine" Design is available on a Poster, T-Shirt, Greeting Card,... 

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